Our primary focus is the provision of a full-service Contract Hire and Fleet Management facility.

Asset Alliance Ltd

We don’t just lend and provide a range of flexible finance packages, but we purchase, refinance and procure for our clients. We buy your assets outright and tailor monthly contracts to your needs. We are therefore a true asset management company responding to the “in-life” and “end-of-life” aspects of the assets you have, protecting our clients and supporting your interests by maximising residual values …… thereby reducing costs below competitor rates.

Our business model is therefore very different and has been designed to meet the needs of customers now and in the future, especially clients where running a fleet is not core business.

We are a specialist lender and only provide finance for businesses who operate commercial vehicles.  Our service therefore couples sector-leading experience in the commercial vehicle finance market with an excellent fleet management capability.

At Asset Alliance we believe we offer a much greater range of support services and complement our contract hire service with a range of other products, including Non-Maintenance Operating Lease, Hire Purchase and Finance Lease.


The company is financially strong and we access our own funds provided by independent investors